Tennessee Farmer The Tennessee Dairy Producers Association seeks to be a unified voice for all dairy producers in Tennessee in a manner that will expedite a consistent response to any issue that might affect the short or long range viability of the dairy industry in Tennessee. TDPA will also serve as an unbiased source of information for dairy producers as well as consumers.  

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Tools and Strategies To Improve Milk On your Farm

In 2017, the first educational program offered as part of Master Dairy Producer will focus on options and strategies for managing milk quality. Farmers interested in becoming a certified “Master Dairy Producer” will need to attend 2 of the various programs offered during 2017. We anticipate this certification will satisfy the educational component for those intending to apply for the 50% cost share through the TAEP program.

Meeting Locations and Dates
Please contact the local agent about registering one week before meeting date.
The module will be offered at:
Greeneville (Greene County) – March 7, Camp 214 4-H Lane, Greeneville, TN 37743
McMinnville (Warren County) – March 9, TSU Nursery Research Station, 472 Cadillac Lane, McMinnville, TN 37110
Athens (McMinn County) – March 15, Western Sizzlin, 1804 Decatur Pike, Athens, TN 37303
Lewisburg (Marshall County) – March 27, Russell Catering 220 Water Street, Lewisburg, TN 37091
Paris (Henry County) – March 28, Henry County UT Extension Office, 1120 Tyson Ave, Paris, TN 38242


Financial Statements on Federal Orders 6 & 7

The combined financial statements for the Administrative and Marketing Service Funds for the orders administered from the office for the calendar year ending December 31, 2016.


Farm Bureau Working on New Milk Price Insurance

A new type of dairy revenue insurance, that would offer regional protection against both milk price and production declines, is being worked on by the American Farm Bureau Federation, American Farm Bureau Insurance Services (AFBIS) and academic collaborators including dairy economist Marin Bozic.


More Ag Groups Announce Support for 'DAIRY PRIDE' Act

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin says her 'DAIRY PRIDE' Act continues to pick up endorsements from prominent farms groups. The newest of those supporters include the Wisconsin and American Farm Bureau organizations.


Blan & Kathy Dougherty Milking Herd & Bred Heifer Dispersal

The Dougherty’s milk barn & facilities in Athens, TN destroyed in tornado on Nov. 30

Background of Event and Intermediate Home of Cows:  Almost immediately following a 1:30 am tornado on Nov. 30, neighbors and family members of the Doughertys began arriving at the farm to begin helping and assessing extensive damage to all facilities, and the folks associated with the farm.  As farmers and animal caretakers themselves, getting the cows taken care of was a primary concern. This was taking place concurrently with taking care of a farm associate who was hurt, and whose home received extensive damage.  Additionally, Blan and Kathy's house was also damaged, (some windows were blown out, the roof has been replaced, as well as other structural damage), but will be able to eventually be repaired.

Understandably, things were moving fast, but a great group of folks with animal and farm experience got first things done first. It was obvious the milk barn, and housing and feeding facilities received the brunt of the hit, and cows were not going to be able to be milked. Unfortunately, six just-weaned calves were killed.

Steve Harrison, a neighbor to the Doughertys, generously agreed to temporarily house the cows until some decisions about the herd's future could be determined. That set in motion a series of events: getting trailers lined up, and ready to get to the farm as soon as roads could be cleared.  In the meantime, Steve's farm staffs began getting things ready to receive the cows and get them settled in. (The Harrison farm was less than an hour away from the Dougherty farm.)  After the 1:30 am storm, trailers started loading just before noon, and the cows were safely moved less than 12 hours after the tornado.  The Doughertys were excellent cow managers, and the cows have received excellent care at Harrison Dairy. Blan and his herdspeople and brother have been going back and forth to assist in the transition.  All in all, a horrific situation was handled as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and stress to the cows was minimized. At this point, it is difficult to pinpoint all of the neighbors that have pitched in at any time of storm recovery.
In the days since, Blan and Kathy have made the difficult decision that a dispersal of the milking herd and springing heifers (through those due in March)  is their best course of action.   They will keep the yearlings and young stock as they evaluate their future, which may or may not include milking once again.  As they say, "This is hard and very sad, and not what we wanted."  Kathy acknowledges the blessing of not losing their home, as did many others in their neighborhood.   There was a massive amount of property damage on their farmstead, and several community groups have been in already to assist with clean-up, the first step to restoration.  An article in the Daily Post-Athenian summarizes their story, link to it here:

Getting ready for the sale, some culling has already taken place:  cows with breeding problems, mobility problems, and low production have already been sold.  Animals selling will be sound.

SALE UPDATES:  It is anticipated there will be updates posted up until sale time.
These may be posted at one or all of these social media and web-based avenues:
Facebook: AgCentral, Southeast Dairy Forum, Tennessee Holstein Association, Tennessee Dairy Producers Twitter: @AgCentralUS
Blog (open to everyone):  www. milkshedsblog.com
Email:  Several of our allied industry associations will be sharing news via their email networks - thanks much to them for graciously agreeing to do that!

STORM SUMMARY:  For those of you not living in the area, I have attached a summary of the events of the tornado as it affected the entire community.  A grocery store and tire shop was destroyed, as was a subdivision, where many families lost their homes and belongings. The information was generated by The Morning Fax, a daily 'quick news' publication based in Athens, but clipped and reassembled in this convenient form.

THANKS to many of you who have called, inquired, or asked if you could be of assistance to the area.  More about those efforts will come in a future email, but for now, we are focused on helping the Dougherty cattle sale well, and supporting Blan and Kathy and their family.

PRAYERS: All prayers from any of you have been much appreciated, and we ask that they continue. In addition to the tornado events, we have several families dealing with medical issues and other life situations, and please remember them as well.  They include Kevin Edwards & family, Sam Gilbert and family, Glenda Underwood and family (her stepfather is in the hospital in critical care),  and continued prayers for Rita Davis and family.  If there are others, please let me know, and we'll gladly place you on a prayer list.

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